Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Wynwood's Octoberfest at The Wynwood Marketplace.
September 27th - 30th, 2019

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Octoberfest is here to bring out the best in you

Octoberfest is here to bring out the best in you

Now you can participate with all the festivals of October. Well the world’s largest beer festival has a ton of funfair travelers visiting Miami this time around in October. Music here is part of their culture and you will find some live music performance in this festival. More towards the evening the brass music closes out and the fading music gives raise to pop or electric music. The men are regularly dressed but it’s the women and their historic festival costumes such as the dimdl that steal the show. The 8th annual Octoberfest is going to be launched soon and people can come here and enjoy their day at free of cost. Live music, gain beer drunk tank, Miss and Mr. Fest contest, giant jenga, corn hole and lots more things are still waiting for you. You do not need to book your tickets because Octoberfest is completely free and you just need to buy some combo tickets from the official portal of Octoberfest. With these tickets, you will get free beer, a beer stein and a Bavarian hat. Apart from that, the top beer manufacturer will provide you free beer, but to get a free beer you need to come early and only first 100 participates will get the free beer as complimentary.

Entertainment unplugged for you

It’s true that Octoberfest is not just about the number of people turning out, it has also got to do with the kind of beer that is served out here. The interesting part of a festival as such is that not all beers that may like to be a part of the Octoberfest. Specifically there are about 5 to 6 beers that are allowed to be part of the feast in Munich Oktoberfest. This year it starts in October 6th-8th. You will find more brands and this year more than 25 varieties of beer will come to boost you. So do not miss the Octoberfest and come to join the largest beer fest in Miami.

The one nice part of Samuel Adams Octoberfest is that it is home coming for those Bostonians who’ve loved to enjoy their malt, soak up the sun and sing away their Boston song. All one needs to do is follow my advice on the tickets that are a giveaway for the fest.
The early bird tickets of 6 bucks worth your beer, a stein and a Bavarian hat to go along your swagger will be all worth it, and you will realize that this little value can give you the most amazing time at this fest. There are tickets on the first, second and final release too. So don’t loose heart over missing the bus for the early bird tickets. Grab the later releases and you are still part of the tent.

Rock you with the beers

This Sam Adams Octoberfest will rock you through, you will get the rarest of the blends opening up this year round and missing it is not an option. The fest this time also boasts of Artisan markets, shop on the merchandise available till you drop, there is plenty of live music and entertainment, the instrumental to the brass music, well I would choose to get myself to the time closest when they start playing the electric music.
Another attraction that should catch your attention as it did mine is that of the Grand Beer Hall. You could choose to even go along with the 6-course meal paired with Sam Adams beer. Pretzel which are made in house and are accompanied by sour dip with a dash of cranberry moustarda are the must have as appetizers. Skipping the entire course and moving straight into the desert that is tagged along with tetravis.
There are two types of tickets for the Octoberfest is available on their website like Early Bird ticket and Final Release tickets. The early birds tickets are already sold out, but never miss the second one, otherwise you can miss lots of exciting things of the fest.

Your sweet tooth is taken care

The desert is my favorite and this time around I had a blast at the white chocolate and pumpkin cheesecake. The ginger crust was the deal of the desert, so precise and so much flavor it will get you to go straight back to the beers after this.

The many games here will keep you busy if you get into it. You will not regret it a bit; there is also a clearance sale that is available on the Sam Adams Octoberfest. The key is that if you’re not part of it, you’ve missed out on a whole lot of fun.